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Our team & team work is our strength

Mahesh Goswami

Founder & Senior IT Expert

As an experienced Senior IT Expert, Mahesh Goswami spares no effort to support our clients as they explore and discover their favorite products. Mahesh Goswami is always happy to harness their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of others.

Himanshi Goswami

IT Expert, Programmer & Web Developer

Himanshi has served as the company’s all in one IT Expert since 2016. Passionate about service and innovation, Himanshi works closely with our partners and clients to ensure satisfactory experience.


Viraj Goswami

Product Developer

Viraj Goswami has been an integral part of our team since long. With a strong background in the ecom industry and exceptional leadership skills, they’ve made a significant impact on the company’s growth and success.

Team: Our Team
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