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Str Opurbo
Jun 18, 2022
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While I feel the numbers still add up to an encouraging level of revenue per user, in my mind the real question here is, where will the Job Function Email List company's revenue come from in the future? Will content marketing lose its distinct identity? (21:03): A recent Gartner blog entry predicts a future where useful, engaging, and contextually relevant content will be the Job Function Email List hallmark of all marketing - not just the specific discipline we know today as content marketing. We're both thrilled to see the analyst firm truly grasp the essence of the arguments we've made over the years - we just hope this vision comes to Job Function Email List fruition before I reach my 74th birthday. The role of the CMO begins to shift (27:36): In a related conversation, I show an article on Marketing Dive, which explores the emerging role of the Job Function Email List “hybrid CMO” and its potential to enable companies to speak with one voice throughout the customer journey. One thing I've found lacking in this conversation is that, to my mind, the champion of customer experience should be the CEO - not the Job Function Email List CMO - no matter what changes the C-suite might make. The Job Function Email List customer experience champion should be the CEO, not the CMO, says joepulizzi. Click To Tweet2. Our sponsors (37:25): Brightcove - The Science of Social Video: With eight in 10 consumers engaging.
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