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zzz aaa
Jun 18, 2022
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In the field of automotive vertical Whatsapp Database content platforms, the three mountains that cannot be avoided no matter what, are Autohome, Understanding Chedi, and Yiche. Autohome started as a forum in the early years. All content is centered on users. Whatsapp Database Through the first definition of various standardized tools, it has created the most complete vehicle library tool, which has attracted a large number of car-buying users and car-loving geeks; The Whatsapp Database accumulation of OEMs has completed the layout from pre-sale to after-market in the automotive vertical industry where the OEMs are very Whatsapp Database strong, and has the strongest mentality to buy a car and go to the car home first, and the user stickiness is very high. Its development path is: OGC original content - vehicle library pictures (standardized product library) - UGC - diversification - realization - derivative services (used cars, finance). Yiche is actually a B-end product. As a tool to help dealers sell cars, it pays more attention to products and the ultimate lead conversion Whatsapp Database efficiency, rather than content construction. It monetizes leads through a large number of advertisements and lead buying. Knowing the car emperor and relying on the headlines, he obtained rich media resources Whatsapp Database through the account opening in the early years, and then launched the creation plan to collect the entire network of car KOLs to further consolidate this advantage,
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