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zarin taslima
Jul 14, 2022
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In the preface, Deng Xiaohua wrote, "This book strives to present the diverse face of Hong Kong. The authors range from the 1930s to the 1990s, spanning 60 years; they are writers, as well as commentators, media people, The slash identities of publishers, scholars, community workers, etc.”, with more than 50 authors with such complex and diverse backgrounds, how should they be introduced to Taiwanese readers? In other words, do the writers in Hong Kong have context and heritage? She was silent for a while, then said frankly: "There are several categories for them in the book, such as age, memory and wandering, etc., but this work is not easy, because Hong Kong writers have the ramblingness of free writing." This kind of laziness has nothing to do company banner design with laziness or the middle class - on the contrary, their wandering and observation have a grassroots temperament, "or a little bit lower than the middle class." She said, "It goes back to the judgment of 'what is Dili to me', Hong Kong writers have always been free, it is difficult to lead, and it is difficult to generalize. Let’s borrow Chen Guanzhong’s adjective ‘undercurrent’, Hong Kong literati seek self-sufficiency from their own sources and do not seek outsiders. If it were not a major political event, it would be difficult for them to appear.” And " My Hong Kong, My Street reflects this rambling, digging out these ever-existing individuals and collecting them in a park-like concept. "It's not the exhibition hall, it's the park. They maintain their own growth form. This is what I have learned in recent years, that is, 'going to the big stage'." Going to the big stage means decentralizing and letting everything happen by itself . This approach is almost extravagant. Fortunately, with the support of Trojan Horse Publishing, the face of Hong Kong can be preserved as it is, and it will not become a textbook-style forced contextualization. Deng Xiaohua said: "I think Taiwanese readers are already familiar with Hong Kong, and I hope this book can bring a deeper truth."
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