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sukanto Kuri
Jul 17, 2022
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In graphic design, from the inspiration of design to the concept of design, from the drawing of design sketches to the advent of graphic design works, in this graphic design system that pays attention to details and pays attention to beauty, Chinese character elements have their own graphic charm and design. value. Key words: graphic design; Chinese character elements; design analysis In the just-concluded Spring Festival evening of the Year of the Monkey, all kinds of window grilles that symbolize auspiciousness and good luck reappeared in the public eye. The vividness of these window grilles can be called the classics of traditional Chinese handicraft skills. More importantly, many window grilles are processed and created Image Manipulation Service with Chinese characters as the theme. With the continuous inheritance and development of Chinese traditional culture, its application and promotion value in various fields has also been continuously highlighted. This paper mainly analyzes the application value and strategy of Chinese character elements in graphic design from the perspective of graphic design. First, the basic connotation of graphic design Graphic design is also known as visual communication design in the industry. Graphic designers express and output a visual language by using various symbols, graphics and text elements. In the process of graphic design, we pay attention to the innovation of ideas, the novelty of themes, the balance of structures and the display of visual impact effects. With the continuous improvement of graphic design theory and practice, graphic design based on the concept of humanistic perspective and market demand has begun to receive attention in the field of front-line design. One of the most important points is to organically graft and combine the design ideas of graphic designers with the characteristics and attributes of the design materials themselves. Driven by this process, graphic design has shown a diversified development direction.
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