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salma akter
Jun 11, 2022
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The demand for procurement management executive list comes from various aspects. How to improve the efficiency of procurement management? The author discussed in detail the overall procurement system plan from data collection and processing to executive list closed-loop construction of procurement behavior and continuous iteration capabilities. Let's take a look. What are the needs of purchasing management? Supplier management: Need to manage suppliers, enterprise qualification assessment, Performance evaluation, eliminate and optimize executive list suppliers. Sourcing: By bidding multiple suppliers to compare bids, reduce the procurement cost of enterprises. Collaborative management: After reaching cooperation with suppliers, collaborative executive list procurement plan forecasting, order process follow-up, synchronization of delivery and receipt, optimization and improvement of supplies, and accounts receivable and payable settlement. Project management: Through the simple basic control executive list of the project (schedule, cost, quality, scope), the supplier's performance feedback is carried out after the project is completed. Purchasing Center: Purchasing all product catalogs of suppliers. executive list Data report: After the purchase is executed, it can show the data statistics report of the purchase process. Supplier portrait: form supplier portrait,
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