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Feb 22, 2022
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These telephone directories are markedly Phone Number List different from yellow pages in the sense that instead of allowing a person to look for phone numbers by looking at names, it features phone number listings that are used to look for people's names. There Phone Number List are two kinds of gray pages, which can be differentiated by the kind of phone numbers that they contain. The first kind only contains publicly accessible numbers while the second includes Phone Number List private services that are normally unlisted. The first type is usually accessible through telecommunications Phone Number List carriers in some countries while the second, restricted kind are reserved Phone Number List only for law enforcement agencies and providers of emergency services. These past few years, a lot of websites have popped up offering the second kind of gray pages, and offering free reverse Phone Number List phone numbers to the general public. However, the term "free" is used very loosely, as they Phone Number List usually require a nominal fee and some of these offers are scams that seek to prey on people who try to dabble in legally dubious undertakings. There are also listings of free reverse phone numbers that Phone Number List are made by phone phreakers who are looking for something to do with their skills. These phreakers usually just gather the numbers and info from publicly accessible directories and just code a Phone Number List search function into the database, so there is no harm in what they are doing, and usually within the bounds of law.