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sathi akter
Aug 03, 2022
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Treatment is the cure instead of punishment. method. arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered by GliaStudio Dr. Lin Shigu also mentioned that drug addiction, like cigarettes and coffee, can affect the senses of the brain and cause substance addiction, which is a kind of disease. Taking diabetes as an example, it is mentioned that drug addiction and diabetes are actually "chronic and relapsing diseases" . If a diabetic patient's blood sugar control is forced to be controlled, His immediate symptoms will of course be bulk sms service relieved, but once he leaves the controlled environment, It's easy to relapse. For example, after a drug addict is sent for observation, rehab or compulsory rehab, once he leaves the rehab environment and returns to his original way of life, it is easy to relapse. Both experts agree that the use of conditional probation with addiction treatment is far more effective than compulsory treatment , because addiction treatment is a course of treatment outside the correctional institution. Changing the original lifestyle is the best way for patients to reduce the rate of drug use and treat addiction symptoms. The defender also added that, according to scientific data, Drug addiction and asthma and high blood pressure have similar recurrence rates, so drug use should be regarded as patients or "sick prisoners". After all, their behaviors only affect their own bodies and should not be Penal Code was imposed. The presiding judge, Wu Can, deeply agreed with the opinions of all parties and agreed that legal opinions should keep pace with the times, but what opinion did he adopt in the end? (Updated on 11/18) The Criminal Court of the Supreme Court declared that it held that Article 20, Item 3 of the "Regulations on the Prevention of Drug Hazards" stipulates that the so-called "re-offending after three years", as long as the re-offending this time (regardless of whether before or after the amendment is implemented) ) If it has been more than three years since the last observation, rehabilitation or
Because drug addiction is actually a kind of addiction, and content media