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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 18, 2022
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For some companies with a relatively small organization and a relatively small organizational structure, most of the time, product managers or higher-level product roles play the role of managing the entire R&D team. How to evaluate a team with high work enthusiasm and category email list high work efficiency , at least from the following aspects: Team members have a clear understanding of the work goals; Whether there is a clear and smooth communication network within the category email list organization; Whether there is a clear reward and punishment mechanism for the deviation of work performance information. The superior department has sufficient resources to support; An excellent team is not born, but is constrained by the correct guidance of managers to category email list formulate team charters in the later stage. Therefore, the leadership style of the team leader determines the team's productivity and problem solving. However, a qualified product manager does not need to master all the category email list skills and knowledge of team management. At least he needs to understand and manage: 1. Management methods in the stage of team building, 2. Conflict handling, 3. Effective communication, 4. Establishment of learning type organization The five stages of team building According to the team development model proposed by psychologist Bruce. Tuckerman in 1965, the team is divided into five stages: formation stage, shock stage, normative stage, maturity stage, and dissolution category email list stage. Formative stage: The team begins to form, with members from outside or inside the organization. Team members do category email list not know each other well enough. At this time, everyone is relatively shy, and team members tend to be relatively independent and not necessarily open and honest. Managers should act as a mentor at this time, guiding everyone to carry out project work in the right way. Shock stage: In this stage, the team begins to break the established psychological boundaries and start to implement project work.
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