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Apr 19, 2022
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The last is education that pays for knowledge. The former two are one-way dissemination, but the latter is the dissemination of knowledge Tunisia Phone Number List and systematic education, which has the greatest impact on users. Education must rely on the dissemination of relevant content, but unlike pure content rebroadcasting, it emphasizes more systematic and holistic, emphasizing interaction and educating people's thoughts. In this scenario, the stickiness of users will be stronger, and the commercial value will be much higher than other types Tunisia Phone Number List of users. Whether it’s Weibo Q&A or Zhuihu's Zhuihu Live, this is the layout. 3. Lightweight content competes with each other As users' demand for fragmented content is getting stronger and stronger, major platforms are paying more and more attention to it. In the production and dissemination of fragmented information, Weibo has occupied the leading position for a long time. According to the latest financial report, as of June 2017, the number of monthly active users was 361 million, an increase of 28% over Tunisia Phone Number List the same period last year. The average number of active users was 159 million, an increase of 26% over the same period last year. At the same time, a shorter Weibo story video function was launched to continue to create a three-dimensional content ecology of Weibo. However, Weibo Tunisia Phone Number List is relatively light in content, and it is relatively difficult to precipitate long content. Tencent once wanted to enter, and invested heavily in Tencent Weibo and Washi short videos, but unfortunately, they all failed in the end. Fortunately, WeChat came out at this time. The lightweight content carried by the WeChat Moments, coupled with the length content of Tunisia Phone Number List the WeChat Official Account, is a match made in heaven. However, due to the inherent closed nature of the circle of friends and the social circle of acquaintances, it does not have the genes for the dissemination of media content, so its influence is limited, and it eventually becomes a Tunisia Phone Number List billboard for micro-businesses and individuals to eat, drink and play. At the same time, the WeChat public account shines brightly, successfully accumulating a large number of users who have consumption needs for medium and long content. However, for more than 20 million public accounts, the inhumanity and user experience of WeChat public accounts have not been optimized for a long time.