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Apr 13, 2022
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In the era of industrial Internet, there may be a large platform for each sub-sector. At present, the test is no longer the unilateral development ability of an enterprise, that is, the use of its own advantages to occupy resources and achieve a single brand to dominate the market in a unique way. In the second half of the Internet, it is more likely that an enterprise will evolve into a platform that can gather all the upstream that can be gathered, and centrally provide it to small and medium-sized enterprises for empowerment, open up upstream and downstream channels, eliminate barriers, and truly realize from the perspective of the industry. Overtaking frontally. From the perspective of enterprises, it can also be understood that whoever has more resources and who telemarketing list can complete the coverage of the entire supply chain more quickly may become the biggest winner in this market. At the same time, the platform-based model can also be connected to all accessible methods, such as finance, logistics, and pre- and post-service services. Once this model forms potential energy, it is destined to be difficult to be subverted. "It's easy to go from 1 to 99, hard to go from 0 to 1." Find the right position to get ahead. Trend 8: C2M has become the main tone of the industry In essence, the essence of the Internet is still based on human services, and the industrial Internet is no exception. However, from the perspective of the current development stage, the roles played by users or consumers in the entire value chain have undergone great changes. In the previous model, users or consumers were more passive recipients of the value of products and services, making choices in the limited space given by manufacturers. With the development of the Industrial Internet, consumers can obtain greater bargaining space through aggregation, thereby gaining more influence on the relationship between supply and demand, and prompting value providers to gradually turn to demand to guide product value design. Using today's technology, Industrial Internet companies can achieve this transformation more efficiently and at a lower cost.