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Rupa Islan
Aug 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Tech Forum
As a veteran netizen who caught up with the aftermath of the first wave of the Internet bubble, in Kyth's recollection, although most of his peers' perception of the fun of surfing the Internet only stayed at the level of online games (including online games on battle platforms), But for him, the Internet itself, which is completely separated from the game, is interesting enough. "When I read all kinds of information Buy email list on the Internet and communicated with friends of various niche hobbies, I was very, very happy - at that time, the Internet can be very happy." This kind of happiness derived from "communication" probably represents the essential fun of Internet socialization. Having said that, as long as you think about the Internet 20 years ago, there was neither Douyin Kuaishou nor Bilibili and iQiyi, Weibo and Zhihu are even missing, it is estimated that many friends could not imagine that the Internet at that time was nothing but Bilibili. What more fun is there to play games - well, let's first identify the day-to-day Internet experience 20 years ago. 1. What was so interesting about the Internet twenty years ago? In 1999, after spending a lot of money to buy the first PC in your life, and after half a year of system learning, you have mastered the basic operations of Windows 98 and how to deal with the blue screen (including but not limited to restarting and reinstalling), you decided to try it boldly at that time. The internet of still new things: So, you spent a lot of money to purchase a Modem with a bandwidth of up to 56K, plus a 163 network card just launched by the Beijing Telegraph Bureau - one-third of the monthly salary is gone, and you secretly hope that "Computer Enthusiasts" ” Those reports that are full of compliments are not hoaxes.
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