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Mar 30, 2022
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You can substitute any product or service for 'apron" - the ramifications are the same. You can buy an apron at a discount department store for less than $10, probably for $5. It will be a barely adequate apron. It will tie around your neck and waist and cover your clothing. It may be made Buy Email Database of an eye catching print. The apron will be made from very low quality fabric, one ply, cut small. Most likely, workers in another country made the apron in a mass production factory. These workers earn cents per hour. They sit at a machine and sew one part of the apron over and over and over - piece work after piece work, expected to meet production demands. The apron came to the Buy Email Database store where it was stocked by a floor clerk that probably makes minimum wage, maybe a bit more if she/he is lucky. A cashier that makes a similar salary will check the apron out and bag it for you. Lot of people work at discount department stores, and they need jobs, and they probably appreciate their job. Does your purchase of an apron help support their job? Yes, it does. But how much does it support them? Does it help the overseas worker? The truck driver that delivered it? The Buy Email Database employees at the store? How far does that $5 go to these people, to their paycheck, their family? How much of that $5 goes to each person's table, in their vehicles, on their backs, toward their bills? I can not make and sell an apron for $5. I have more than $5 in the material and other resources to make the apron.