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Apr 09, 2022
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Travis Scott's in-game concert held in the game "Fortress Night", in addition to the short-term gathering of 27.7 million gamers to carry the function of music announcement, also included hooded sweaters, long/short-sleeved T-shirts, baseball Hats, knitted hat peripherals, doll models and other derivative joint peripheral development make a lot of money. According to iiMedia Research's "Special Research Report on China's Online Music Performance Market in 2020", the number of users in China's online music performance market in 2020 has exceeded 80 million. Faced with reality, live music under the influence of the epidemic is expected to be difficult to fully recover in the short term, and this number will increase with the accelerated application of 5G and XR technologies. 03 Long audio and podcasts are sought after and become the key layout track of giants Since Spotify put forward the "audio first" strategy in 2019, long audio including podcasts and audiobooks has officially become the target of online audio sms marketing service platforms and online music platforms, whether abroad or domestically. Looking at foreign countries, after spending billions of dollars to acquire upstream and downstream podcast companies, Spotify has recently released audiobooks of classics such as "Great Expectations", "Jane Eyre" and "Frankenstein". Amazon will be the last large independent overseas company.