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Raihan JIbon
Aug 02, 2022
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Hundreds of Petabytes of Data Each Year, and Researchers and Scientists Need Tools to Analyze These Massive Amounts of Data in a Timely Manner to Gain Insights into Diseases and Possible Treatments. Director Zhang Shijie Also Shared Actual Customer Cases in the Medical Field, Saying, "Taiwan Medical's Research Team Has a Strong Strength, but in the Past, Although Leading Research Findings Were Published, It Was Regrettable That They Were First Published Abroad. Due to the Lack of Internal Computing Resources, the Results Cannot Be Quickly Produced; and the Research Resources of Each Laboratory in the Hospital Are Independent and Cannot Be Effectively Communicated and Used. in View of This, the Client Decided to Invest a Large Budget Towards a World-Class Ai Medical Research and Development executive list Center. Layout.” Director Zhang Then Mentioned, “We Build Garaotus Cloud Platform for Customers, Integrate All Research Resources in the Medical System, and Provide a Working Environment That Allows Multiple Laboratories to Centralize Computing, Allowing Researchers to Focus on High-Intensity Computing and Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Development, and Support Image Analysis, Big Data Analysis and Other Research Needs, Seek the Best Solution That Can Maximize Ai Big Data Analysis and Computing Functions. in Terms of Architecture, in Addition to Considering Future Computing and Storage Expansion and Growth, for the Protection of Project Data, We Have Planned Off-Site Backup and Data Backup Protection Mechanisms, and Made Comprehensive Design Considerations in Terms of Network and Information Security.” It Is Understood That This Huge and Indicative Medical Investment Case Has Attracted Various Information Companies to Participate in the Bidding. the Competition
 Innovative Precision Medicine. However, Genome Sequencing Generates content media